An Exquisite Opus Bag, Adorned With Intricately Painted Depictions Of Anthurium, Hydrangea, And Gerbera Flowers, Accompanied By A Delectable Cake. This Sophisticated Accessory Combines The Timeless Elegance Of Floral Motifs With The Indulgence Of A Delightful Treat, Creating A Truly Refined And Luxurious Ensemble. The Meticulous Detailing On The Bag Showcases The Beauty Of Nature, While The Inclusion Of A Scrumptious Cake Adds A Touch Of Sweetness To This Tasteful Masterpiece. It's A Blend Of Artistic Craftsmanship And Culinary Delight, Making It A Perfect Accessory For Those Who Appreciate Both Style And Gastronomic Pleasures.

585.00 AED 585.0 AED 585.00 AED

323.81 AED

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Flavors None or Vanilla or Vanilla Strawberry or Pistachio or Red Velvet or Chocolate
Add-ons Flower & Mini Cake or Flower

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